Marine Renewable Energy

Large ocean circulation patterns, also known as gyre currents, along with tidal (periodic) currents, are the marine energy resources which Aquantis turbines can operate in to generate reliable, 24/7 electric power. In many regions globally, wind power and solar energy are competitive with fossil fuels, however these energy resources are intermittent and require back-up power generators to meet expected supply reliability.

The markets for Aquantis turbine arrays are in geographic regions with steady near-shore ocean currents, where connection is to electric power grid serving large coastal populations. Such zones may be found on all seven continents.

As an example, the Gulf Stream running up the Coast from Florida to North Carolina, offers America a vast strategic renewable energy resource, in close proximity to large population clusters, where coal fired power plants and coal mines are shutting down, and the displaced work force can move ahead to quality jobs in marine energy.

Aquantis is in advanced engineering to build, test, and certify its breakthrough marine current turbine, while in parallel, adding to the project site portfolio.