The AQ Series Turbines

Aquantis Turbines are a breakthrough in marine renewable energy technology, which converts the kinetic energy of either gyre or tidal ocean currents to electric power for submarine transmission to the land-based power grid. The Turbines operate at high efficiency, generating clean, predictable utility-scale electricity. The turbines integrate well proven power generating technology with a stable spar buoy vessel, moored to anchors on the seabed, giving resiliency to the structure in extreme sea states. The power generating system is driven by an upstream rotor with variable pitch blades. The rotor sweep is well below the surface. Surface entry to access to all systems enables safe operation and maintenance. Aquantis has nine patents issued and three in process.

The Aquantis breakthrough with proprietary turbine technology yields attractive lifecycle cost-of-energy (COE) through: 1) high power-to-weight ratio, 2) low cost deployment, and 3) ease of operation and maintenance.

The AQ Series Turbines are designed to strict maritime standards to ensure structural integrity and operational safety in the subsea environment.