Prior to Aquantis, management created technologies for four generations of advanced wind turbines and the products and manufacturing capacity which led to the entry of both General Electric and United Technologies into the wind energy industry, in 2002 and 2010, respectively. The team’s record of success was to a great extent attributable to its relentless focus on driving down the cost of energy (COE) through technological advances and operating efficiencies. No single factor is more important to the commercial viability of a renewable technology than its COE.

Management’s leadership with Zond Systems (Zond, 1980-2000) and Clipper Windpower (Clipper, 2001–2010) demonstrated that with unrelenting focus on innovation, renewable energy technologies can achieve mainstream competitiveness forming the basis for multi-billion dollar global industries.

Aquantis is now positioned to launch ocean power generation, ushering in a major new segment of predictable renewable energy to complement the intermittency of wind and solar and help meet the surge in demand for renewables.